About Soul Sister

Soul Sister is the advisor aspect of Jade Klemos.

I am NOT a Johnny-come-lately certified life coach

In fact, I wouldn’t call myself a life coach at all. I’m a Medicine Woman.

In 1986 I started my career in Social Work, and although I retired in 2014 I still hold myself accountable to the NASW Code of Ethics: http://www.socialworkers.org/pubs/code/code.asp My career was multi-faceted and amazing. I worked with people that had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, developed cutting edge Alzheimer’s programs and was on the forefront of developing dementia units and pet therapy. I also worked extensively with individuals who were born with intellectual and physical impairments. This gave me a unique multi-faceted perspective on life and living.

In 1990 I simultaneously began working with the metaphysical to promote wellness and healing. I have never stopped learning, growing and evolving in this department. What started out with learning a simple technique to help the terminally ill with alternative methods for pain control has evolved into a complex intuitive healing program to align chakras, heal auras, remove blockages, wounds and old baggage among other things. My obsession with the metaphysical is real.

I haven’t been doing this for MONTHS, or even YEARS…I’ve been doing this for DECADES!!

Whether as an advice columnist, a spiritual advisor, one on one coach or a shaman, I’m a tool…so use me. Feel free to write me with a question or a dilemma. I am available for one-one work, though spaces are limited to ensure the highest quality attention.


 Judy Klemos


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